Solution #2

IP Automation Solution

IP administration automation solution is a package to deal with the overall management work of IP that most national patent offices carry out. This solution is developed based on the IP-related standards by WIPO, which is also flexible for system expansion and modification in case of related law amendment. This solution is simple to manage with smaller budget and workforce, which is beneficial for small and medium sized national patent offices to adopt and run. 

The biggest benefit of Siriussoft’s IP administration automation solution is to integrate work processes and progress information to manage, which operates in a user-friendly web environment. This can improve productivity of the patent offices and applicants’ satisfaction. Both backfiles and front files are integrated onto the national DB and available for search. By providing the status of each application real time, the solution guarantees transparency and promptness of IP administration.

Main Features

DB establishment and processing relevant work for patent, utility model, industrial design and trademark

Optimal composition regarding the size of national patent offices (customers) and their workload

Web-based system: easy for both applicants and staff in national patent offices

Convenient and accurate information exchange between offices by complying with WIPO standards

Least burden for management with simple installation and management

Highly reliable system composition by embracing S/W technology standards

Independent platform development using JAVA and open sources

Compatibility in various S/W and H/W of legacy system

Language support (many languages available) based on Uni-code

Easy function expansion and customization with modules by work function